FFXIV BattleFork

Dragoon/Lancer weapon inspired by FFXIV. SubD modelled in Maya, and textured in Substance Painter. My aim was to make an efficient model that would need little to no retopo in order to be used in engine. Utilizing creasing and crease sets allowed for faster and efficient modelling, because less geometry is needed to create a smooth high rez result (after subdividing) eliminating wasted time by adding lots of edge loops/fencing. This has the added speed and time benefit of not needing to make another low rez model to project the higher detail back onto. Essentially one model to rule them all ;p In addition if an even lower poly model is needed, a few merges and edge loop deletes would reduce the poly count further in only a few minutes. Hope you enjoy and CC is welcome! also I'm currently stocking shelves at a local supermarket, so If you need a modeller, texture/materials artist, I would love the opportunity. -Cheers

Kevin douglas battlefork beauty

BattleFork - Painter Render

BattleFork - Marmoset Viewer

Kevin douglas forkscu beauty

Forks - Painter Render

Kevin douglas battlefork headcu beauty

Head - Painter Render

Kevin douglas battlefork handlecu beauty

Main Grip - Painter Render

Kevin douglas battlefork weightcu beauty

Counter Weight - Painter Render

Kevin douglas battlefork extras creasing

Edge Creasing

Kevin douglas battlefork extras uvmap

UV Mapping

Kevin douglas battlefork extras udims

UDIMs 2048x2048

Kevin douglas battlefork extras distortion

Unwrap Distortion Map

Kevin douglas battlefork forks textcomp

Forks Texture Maps

Kevin douglas battlefork haft textcomp

Haft Texture Maps