Stylized Rock n Grass

More Materials!

Another piece from a demo session. I had a student who

was having an issue with shape creation in Substance Designer. He was

attempting a stylized rock ground texture. Designer can be a bit of a challenge

with the volume of different nodes. Many times one is on the right path and its just an order of

operations issue or the addition/subtraction of a node or two. After about an

hourish of the how and why process + demo: this was the result.

Now it's far from finished but its in a pretty good state to show off a WiP

and example of stylized in Designer.


Toon shaderz!

10mm ToonZ

I've been working as a teaching assistant in addition to working on my environment piece.

During our courses I've gotten a lot of shader setup questions. In order to help make the

content interesting I decided to make a toon style shader.

I plan to develop the shader over the course and also bring it into

Unreal to show the process there as well.

Here is the resulting progress.


Bottles n Caps'tone!

Capstone update... Materials, modells and a big sneak peek!

Here is an overall Blockout shot to show a rough idea of what I'm making. Followed by some set pieces and base materials. This is all a work in progress but, feel free to Comment and Critique.

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-- Set-pieces in Substance Painter --

-- Materials --

-- Smart Material --  

-- Substance Designer --

Layin Brick!

Progress on my Vertex School capstone project. Preview of the main wall texture.

There's still work to be done on this but time to move on

to some other aspects for the moment.

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Material Studies

Just a lil sneak peek at some materials that I'm working on as part of a larger scene. These are just the base from which I'll be adding to and modifying in engine for variations on the themes. Although these are still works in progress, any comments and critiques are welcome. Cheers!

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